Star Eaters


Dear Readers,

Have you ever tasted a star?

Star Eaters is a science fiction short story. A tale that reimagines a person’s own place in the universe and what it means to be human.

The game is called Terra. The gamer controls all aspects of the world’s shape, design, and weather. If the gamer is really good, he can develop lower lifeforms. However, one gamer has taken the game a stem further and has developed a very complicated sort of animal, one that has taken his own image.

These gamers, are called the Star eaters; a race of beings that build the cosmos, raise stars, and turn the dead into energy.

The star eater’s work is far from complete when he begins to deteriorate. His granddaughter, Gaea, has to ask herself if what little she has seen of this Terra game called   Earth is worth saving?

-L.P. Gelseth


Star Eater Pt. 1


more coming soon…