Sethra Pt.6

When she awoke, Alas found herself nose to snout with a big, fat pig.

An ugly creature whose wrinkled skin hung over its eyes, whiskers on its chin and drool

dangling from its lower lip as it stupidly chewed the apple cores that littered the cart that

Alas found herself in. Before she could blink the sleep from her eyes, another apple core

flew from somewhere near the front of the cart, landing squarely on Alas’ head. Wresting

with the blanket of hay, she flailed madly trying to get to her feet.


“Hey there are people in this pig pile” she shouted. “watch were you are throwing those



“Oh, you are awake. Finally.” came a familiar silky voice.


Alas recognized her as the angry gypsy from the night before. Her hand reached to her

throat and she froze, shocked. Then, that horrible nightmare hadn’t been a nightmare at

all, she thought to herself.

Tracing her fingers across the jeweled choker, she asked in a far off voice, “where am I?”

“in a pig pile,” for the first time, Alas heard joy in the gypsy’s voice.

Alas made a face, “well, where are we going?” the gypsy didn’t answer. As if Alas wasn’t

even there, she began to hum to herself. Giving up, Alas sunk back into the heap of straw

where she had awoken. The pig, whom Alas had dubbed, Oinkers, was a cuddler. The two

spent their day being jostled in the back of the cart. Together, they ignored the gypsy and

in turn she ignored them.



Viridian Gold

Viridian Gold– page


Viridian Gold


This gold cannot be sold for profit; nor can it be made to encase gems. This gold only

beats at you, until you lay bloody and ragged; a mere skeleton of what you once were. The

only thing it has in common with the true gold is its ability to turn men, into monsters.


Sand slipped between the fingers of the young woman’s clenched fist. Humans have

adapted to this harsh climate, where only the strong survive. Squeezing her eyes shut, an

image appears, one not made from the sun’s waves of heat as it crushes down upon each

living creatures’ neck, but of a memory. She recalls the faces of her younger siblings. Judd,

a boy with dimples in his cheeks and no older than six, with his tuff of hair that always

curled over his brow was the youngest of the three siblings. Kanya was the oldest. In her

memory, Judd held onto to the hand of their sister, a young foolish girl of thirteen called



Kanya always pictured Nai with her shoulders held stiffly back, defiant. Her eyes were a

strange shade of gold, as if wild with her thoughts of adventure. Kanya’s heart felt as if it

were slowly being punctured by these thoughts. A fountain of tears rose, stinging her ears

and nose.


Jerking back to the present, she shook off her emotions and knelt down. Right now

she needed to focus. Sensing a calculated stare resting somewhere above her brow, Kanya

turned slowly, scanning the barren sandy plains. Lips quirking, the young woman thought

back on how her parents had told her and her siblings a child’s story of a place where

plants grew so numerous that all you saw was green. Most people thought this was a place

you would go after you die. Not her sister, Nai, though; she was convinced the place was

real. And it had been her dream to be the one to discover it.


Nai had taken the fantasy to heart and had led their little brother out to find the

hidden land of green, the bodies were never found. Their clan had always been the best

trackers, they were able to find nearly anything what was lost in the sand storms, but the

two children had disappeared. Now after everyone had given up, only their older sister

kept searching. Who knows, perhaps little Nai and baby Judd had found this mystical

world and were playing in the shade of a million plants, where there was no sun and plenty

of water.


Suddenly, an explosion of sand burst into the air. Kanya was staring at a wall of

yellow. The hairs on the back of her neck quivered at the sound of a beastly roar. Hurling

itself on the girl, the creature attacked from the side. Two massive scaly feet stomped into

the ground on either side of her head. The beast’s body rippled as he let out another bellow

that shook Kanya so hard, she almost couldn‘t breathe.


To be continued…