Viridian Gold


Mutations will inherit the earth and man must only hope to survive!

Viridian Gold, is a science fiction fantasy, set in a post apocalyptic landscape. It’s a tale of survival, family and the kind of love that can change the world.


In a future where life as we know it has been nearly obliterated by sand and famine. There are five main tribes seeking one thing, water. Kanya’s tribe are nomadic trackers who have been inspired by the nature around them to survive.


In this land, there is a story of a place where everything is green and full of life. Though most consider it to be a wishful tale or possibly an after life, there are many who spend their lives searching for it. With the recent death of their father, Kanya’s younger siblings have run away to find this mythical land. Kanya follows, searching for her lost kin when all others have given them up to the sand.


When attacked by bandits, however, she is rescued by a strange person called Synth who then shows Kanya a secret. Could her siblings still be alive? Could the land of Viridian really exist? Will Kanya be able to keep the human race from going extinct or are we doomed to destroy ourselves?


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